Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our team - POLAND part 4

Hello everyone!

My name is Paulina and now I'm 15. :) I'm really happy that we'll meet in March! At the beginning I'll tell about my hobbies, music which I like and so on.

I have been a dancer for six years. When I started, I was dancing some kind of hip hop.
But now I'm dancing ballet, jazz, broadway, hip hop, dancehall, belly dance... all types of dance.
I hope that in the future I'll be a famous trainer. :)

Theater - this is my other passion. It is associated with dance. I helped my sister in the production of short film. It was in real earnest nice experience.
When I'll have 16 yrs old, I will join to Greenpeace and Peta, I think you know what it is. :)
I love music. I also listen Vasithy, Portishead, John Mayer, Grizzly Bear, Miriah
and artist like Sean Paul or Beenie Man.
I suppose that you don't know many of these artists or groups, but I recommend. ;)

My Spanish friend is Eva Valles Guajardo. I'm happy that I get to know her in this time.
I think that we'll spend our time really agreeably. :)

I would like to know all of us.
And If you want, you can write to me on Facebook (Paulina Humerczyk)
or on e-mail (paulina.humerczyk@gmail.com). :)

See you in Poland!
Kisses, Paulina

Monday, November 29, 2010

Our team - POLAND part 3

Hello Everyone!
My name is Karolina,
and i'll tell you something about me.
I really don't like writing about myself,
so this entry won't be too expanded ;)

I'm typical fifteen-year-old girl.
In free time I meet friends,
who are very important in my life.
I love listening to music, especially rock,
blues and reggae. In summers my favorites
activities are rideing a horse and waveboarding.
In Winter i prefer snowboarding,
skating and walking in the mountains.
Of course, the school takes me a lot of time,
but if there was no tests and homework,
it would be really nice :D

my favorite subject in school is physics,
informatic and mathematics. I hate biology and geography,
because I have a close mind and I can't learn 'to memorize'

I'm a cheerful and spontaneous person, opened for people and new
experiences. I'm not afraid of new challenges
and I try to take from life as much as possible!

My Spanish girl is Violeta Sacristan. We often talk together and i think,
she's very nice. I am impatient to know all of you here, in Poland!
we'll spend great time ;)

kisses for everyone!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hi everyone!
Here we are. We are Ana and Marisa, teachers of English in charge of the exchange in Spain. We met Magdalena last year in Spain and we are really looking forward to meeting you there in Poland. We'll try to do our best to organise fun and enjoyable activities for your visit to Galapagar. We are so glad you have already contacted each other. We are sure the experience will be great.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our team - POLAND part 2

Hi everyone!
My name is Maja and I'm the first person from students, 
who are brave enough to write on this blog :)
I think it would be nice to tell You something about me and my hobbies.
And please, don't be mad if  I do any mistakes 
- my English (in my opinion ;) is pretty good, but of course not perfect.
So: I'm 15 (when you'll come to Poland I will be 16) 
and what You need to know about me is fact,
that I'm very open person, who like to get maximum from life, 
like to travel around the world and to meet people from different countries.
I love dancing and listening to music, especially hip hop and electro 
(my favourite bands are N.E.R.D., Crystal Castles and Gorillaz 
but I also like Beyonce, Kanye West and Ryan Leslie). 
I'm interested in film and fashion 
- in the future I would like to be a journalist or a dance teacher :)

The girl who is gonna visit me in Poland is Raquel Quinteno Calero, 
so if You're reading this, Raquel, let me know! :) 
I will try to write You an e-mail soon.

By the way - I can not wait for Your visit in our country :)
I hope You will enjoy this journey and have a great time here in Poland.

xoxo, Maja

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our team - POLAND part 1

Hallo students!!!

I'm a teacher of French and Polish language.I was in Galapagar in April 2010 with Comenius project "For a better life". Now I would like to see you again, first in Poland (you probably don't know our country...) and after in Spain :)

Marisa, Ana (from Spain) and Agata, (they are teachers of English) and Magdalena (it is my name) - a teacher from Poland addicted to French language, we'll try to organise a nice journey in our countries. Before you come, try to meet one another via this blog I've created 4U. And enjoy it!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010