Thursday, June 23, 2011


Dear students,

This school year has just finished full of new experiences and friends. I just wanted to wish you happy and fun holidays. Remember that even when the exchange has finished you can keep your memories and friends forever.

My best wishes for alll of you


Friday, June 3, 2011

Do you know Polska?

Take this quiz & prove you are an expert on Poland!

Prove it!

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Spanish-Polish exchange

Spanish-Polish exchange
Polish students with teachers went to Spain-Galapagar between 04.05 and 12.05 2011. We travelled about ten hours. First to Berlin airport by coach and then by plane to Madrid.
We met our Spanish friends and we started our visit with a day at school. On Friday we had a pleasure to meet the Mayor at the Town Hall. At the weekend we had free time with families. Some of us visited Santiago Bernabéu, shopping center or the amusement park in Madrid. This was very exciting and new experience. On Monday, after some sport activities at school, we saw the Monastery of El Escorial and took a trek to Philip II’s Chair. Afternoon was delicious and full of dance. Tuesday was the trip to Riofio Palace and visit to the Royal Cystal factory. As the last part we walked around Segovia and visited the Alcazar. The next day we were taken to Madrid. There we saw Royal Palace, Cathedral, Old Town Hall, Puerta del Sol, The Congress and El Prado Museum. Our last day was very active- we went to Amazonia Adventure Park in Cercedilla.

This exchange learnt us a lot of things, now we can speak English better and we don’t worry about communication with foreign speakers. Our Spanish friends were very friendly, open and caring. We would like say thank you to the teachers- Marisa, Ana, Juan, Jorge and Javier who made our stay nice and interesting. We hope we”ll meet again one day in Spain or Poland.

Kisses from
Kasia Paluszczak

Tuesday, May 17, 2011



On Monday 9th you had a special class about fun facts about Poland and Spain. We learnt that some of them a real and others are just stereotypes. We didn't have time enough to discuss all of them, so I include them here just for you to know.

I hope you had a great time and we miss you all.


• They eat very very late – lunch from 2 to 4pm and dinner beginning at 9.00- 10.00pm
• Having breakfast at home is not common
• Madrid’s tap water is one of the best ever, it’s actually drinkable .
• Requesting for a second serving is taken as an indication that you liked the food.
• Mahou is the no 1 best selling beer in Spain
• You don’t have to leave any tip in Spain.
• When you buy a coffee, you can have: cortado ( strong just with a little milk), con leche ( with tons of milk) manchado ( milk with a little coffee),
• Spaniards like to party. The population goes out very often, and are always extremely elegant.
• They respect their free time – many of the tiendas close for 3hrs after lunch time
• Spaniards do botellon before they go to a club (drinking much cheaper drinks in someone’s house or in a park rather than paying triple inside a club)
• Spain has the highest number of bars ( 1 bar for 129 people) restaurants and coffee shops, in the European Union, more exactly 344.426 !!!
• Presenting oneself at a party at 12 or 1 am is ridiculously early; Spaniards start the night around 2 am and finish at 6-7am, after which they go to eat churros
• On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, at 6-7am, the subway is one of the most crowded spots in Madrid – everyone is going home and they are still very much alive –
• Teenagers in Spain normally start dating in groups when they are around 14 years of age and as couples at age 18.
• Instead of calling on a girl at her home, a boy usually prefers meeting her at a prearranged venue.
• Older women love their long expensive natural fur coats
• Football is their second religion. Soccer happens to be the most popular spectator sport in Spain. The important matches see the fans crowding homes as well as local bars.
• Playing the lottery is a national hobby
• Bullfighting in Spain, which is regarded as an art as well as a popular attraction, is its biggest and most controversial sport. Bullfighting is a central part of Spanish history, art and culture and there are bull rings in all important cities and even a few minor ones.
• Two years ago, you could practically smoke anywhere and everywhere in Spain: in class, on the plane, on the subway, in hospitals, etc. Now you can only smoke in the street.
• Around 40 per cent Spaniards between the 17 and 24 age group are smokers.
• Spaniards talk a lot and very fast.
• Spaniards habitually stand close and will, from time to time, touch one another on the shoulder while talking.
• Spaniards also kiss once on each cheek when meeting someone or when greeting and saying hello.
• Spaniards place a lot of importance on what others think of them.
• Most Spaniards are dark haired with dark eyes, not very tall.
• Seat is the only Spanish car brand.
• The biggest industry in Spain is tourism. Benidorm, a beach town nearby Alicante has got the third most hotel rooms in Europe after London and Paris.
• The Spanish hymn has no lyrics.
• Each regional country of Spain – Pais Vasco, Cataluña, Galicia – has its own language, hymn and flag
• El Castellano is the main language.
• Spaniards are not very good at learning other languages.
• Every English word is made into a Spanish one (freak turns into friqui/friki, iphone turns into ifon, CD turns into cede, DVD turns into deuvede, etc)
• Spain gained freedom from the Moors in Granada (the last stronghold of the Moors) in 1492.
• Christopher Columbus set sail from Spain in order to find the New World.
• Spain was among the most powerful empires in the world during the 16th century.
• For 40 years, between 1936 and 1975, Franco ruled Spain in the form of a dictatorship.
• Spain transformed itself from a very traditional poor society to a very modern rich one, reaching second place in the most visited countries in the world, with 59.2 million visitors a year (France is on first place with 81.9 million visitors, while the US is on third place, with 56 millions), as well as the second fastest growing population regarding immigration
• The Madrid-Barcelona route has the highest number of flights per week in the world.
• The Madrid subway system is the third in the world, by number of kilometres covered, after London and New York.
• Spain has been the biggest doner of organs in the world, for 15 consecutive years !!!.
• More than men, it is women who are presently enrolled in Spain's universities.
• Spain legalized gay marriage in June 2005 despite strong opposition from the Catholic Church.
• In Spain, 94 per cent of its population is Roman Catholic.
• In January 2002, euro was made the official currency of Spain.


• Pizza in Poland does not contain tomato sauce. The waiters bring sauce to the table in a pitcher, and you pour it on top. Sometimes the sauce is just ketchup.
• Chicken and pork are used in many Polish dishes.
• Gingerbread is a traditional Polish dessert, they like sweets a lot.
• Ads on Polish TV show mothers calling their children in from play in order to feed them candy.
• The biggest section of any grocery store is the candy section.
• Poles peel bananas from the blossom end, not from the stem end.
• Vitalis—a smelly hair tonic in America—is a breakfast cereal in Poland.
• Some Polish beer is ten per-cent alcohol. Alcohol is drunk in small cups.
• Polish favourite drink with meals is tea.
• Foreign language films aren’t dubbed on Polish TV. They aren’t subtitled, either. We have a method called voice over in which one person reads the parts of all actors and you can still hear the original voices in the background, even those of women and children.
• Almost 90% of the population are Roman Catholics.
• There is a Pope channel on TV. Anytime one needs to see the pope, one can tune him in.
• The biggest section of any bookstore is books on the Pope (John Paul II).
• Street sweepers use brooms made of bunched-up twigs tied to a stick. These clean the sidewalks better than noisy blowers.
• Polish people drive very dangerously and fast.
• People are usually addressed by their honorific title, “Pan” for a man and “Pani” for a woman, and their surname.
They do not use first names formally.
• Polish people normally greet shaking hands or kissing three times.
• Poland shares borders with 7 other European countries-Germany, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and Russia.
• Communist rule of Poland was overthrown in 1989. Poland was a communist country from 1945 to 1989.
• Forests cover almost one third of Poland. Over 50% of the land is dedicated to farming.
• Poland is the eight most populous country in Europe.
• Over 3 million Jewish people live in Poland before World War II started. After the war, this number dropped to 300,000.
• Polish is the official (and most spoken language) of Poland. English and German are commonly learned as second languages. The teaching of the German language at any level was forbidden in Poland for forty years after the end of World War II.
• Poles always carry cut flowers upside down.
• The most popular name for a dog in Poland is Burek which translates to: brownish-grey color.
• In Poland the name day is considered more important than the birthday.
• Amongst all the members of the European Union, the residents of Poland marry the youngest.
• There are over 100 universities in Poland.
• Poland boasts 17 Nobel prize winners, including four Peace Prizes and five in Literature.
• 90% of Poles have completed at least secondary education.
• Marie Curie (born Maria Sklodowska ; 1867-1934), the first and only Nobel laureate in two different sciences and first female professor at the Sorbonne University.
• Polish born astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus was the first person to propose that the earth was not the center of the universe.
• Another Polish astronomer, Johannes Hevelius (1611-1687) published the earliest exact maps of the moon.
• Saint John’s Kupala is a popular holiday in which people jump over fires, a tradition that predates Christianity.
• Marzenna is a tradition where people weave straw dolls and decorate them with ribbons. These represent the end of winter, and the beginning of spring. When the snow starts to melt, they proclaim the beginning of spring and chuck the Marzennas into the river or stream, symbolically killing the winter.
• During Wianki people go to the riverbanks and float wreaths with candles on them on the water. If it floats to a woman on the other side, she’ll find love. If it circles three times, she’ll be unlucky with her love life.
• Natural resources include: coal, sulfur, copper, natural gas, silver, lead, salt, amber, arable land. • Przystanek Woodstock is the biggest open-air festival in Europe, and annual free rock music festival in Poland, inspired by and named for the Woodstock Festival.

Best Regards


Friday, April 29, 2011

Good trip!

We know you have some days off and you are getting ready to come here, so we wish you a safe and good trip.

You can check the weather forecast in this link : Weather in Spain


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Learn basic spanish words!

Dear Students!
A little homework 4U! :)
Ha, Ha!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here we are again!

It's just a week and we'll meet again, this time in sunny Spain.
Below I include the activities we have prepared hoping you'll enjoy them:


Arrival at Galapagar: 17.00


Reception in school : Welcome by the headmaster
Guided visit to the school
Presentations about Spain, Madrid, Galapagar by Spanish Students
Attending classes with Spanish Students.


Attending classes with Spanish students
Reception at the Town Hall with the Mayor of Galapagar
Visit to Galapagar downtown


Activities and stay with the families


Attending a special English class: What do you really know about each other?
Sport activities
Visit to El Escorial Monastery and trekking activity to Silla de Felipe II
Fraternity Lunch in school.
Music and dance festival


Trip to Segovia
Visit to Riofrío Palace
Visit to La Granja Palace gardens
Visit to The Royal Glass factory ( handmade glass)
Walking tour around Segovia City. Visit to El Alcazar.


Walking tour around Madrid.
Visit to El Prado Museum.
Lunch and spare time in El Retiro Park


Trip to Adventure Park Amazonia in Cercedilla.
Farewell in school and trip back home.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Exchange -Remix, pictures

28.03.2011 - 4.04.2011, POLAND


More pictures on:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Media - About us...



Monday, April 4, 2011

Our last photo in Poland

Our last photo in Poland. I think that this week was the best of ever! Everyone missing you! We can't wait to May, to see you all again <3 But now, we want to say thank you for this week. It was amazing. And even when you're miles away we think about you and missing you. See you all in Spain!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Exchange - pictures

1st day
2nd day
4th day
" 5th day">
5th day

Friday, March 25, 2011

See you on Monday!

¡Buen viaje!

Have a nice trip!

Szczęśliwej podróży!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Workshop for Spanish students

Date: 29th March 2011 Tuesday

Time around 12.00

Organizers Hanna Pordab, Joanna Checinska, Roksana Borun

Meeting will be held in English and will involve guest and host students.

The aim of the meeting is to get to know Spanish culture, show similarities and differences between Polish and Spanish lifestyle as well as exchange of experience. Students will practice their English skills ( English as joining tool)

Students will be divided into three groups, each group will be Polish-English.

The task will be :
- to find the topic hidden somewhere in school ( directions will be given )

- after the come back to classroom, students will talk about the differences and similarities of their culture considering the topic found.

- making the poster about the topic

- presentation of the posters in school hall so that all the students had the opportunity to learn about both culture.

Topics suggested:
Sport, traditions, music, fashion, interests

Acivities in POLAND

Monday 28.03

Arrival at Lawica Airport – Poznan
coach transfer to school,
meeting the families

Tuesday 29.03

Welcome at school,
Guided visit to the school,
attending at selected lessons,
Meeting the Mayor at the Town Hall,
Visit to Martyrs' Museum in Żabikowo
Lunch with families

Sports activities

Evening with families

Wednesday 30.03

Spanish group only

Visiting Rogalin Castle complex with a guide, museal lesson
(Packed lunch)
Visiting Kornik Castle complex with a guide

Evening with families

Thursday 31.03

Spanish students and Polish students

Trip to Poznan
Musical Instruments Museum
Town Square
The Model of Old Poznan
Lunch and shopping at Stary Browar Shopping Center

Evening with families

Friday 1.04

(Spanish group only)

Visiting Archaeological Museum in Biskupin
Museum lesson – making ornaments
(Packed lunch)

Pobiedziska – Museum of Miniatures

Sweet evening at school
Polonez dancing workshop,surprise... :)

Saturday 2.04 & Sunday 3.04

Day with

Monday 4.04

Farewell at school, leaving for the airport,
coach transfer to the airport

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Greetings from Poland!

Spanish group

Here we are!

Top row from left to right: Lorena, Daniel, Matias, Diana, Sergio, Natalia, Elena Diaz,
Middle row: Marisa (teacher)Carmen, Lucía, Rocío, Raquel, Pilar, Dayana, Geanela, Sofía, Eva, Ana ( teacher)
Bottom row: Milena, Violeta, Alicia, Elena Castaño, Sara, María, Miriam, Adriana.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our team - Spain part 8

I lorena (Lore) vega , I have sixteen.

My partner is Asia Chichonska exchange and have the same taste is awesome to know another person who does not know and who likes the same things that ati is really fun and I look forward conorcerla in person:)

I love fashion, I love to design clothes. ^ ^ I love Vogue, Elle, etc.
My first hobby shop, be with my friends, instead listen music (I like all kinds of music on my ipod often Michael Jackson, Black Eyed Peas, Guns N Rose, John Lennon, Maldita Nerea, etc) and especially out of partying with my friends.

My favorite classes are biology (I love begoña), technology and music, physics and chemistry are very bad at me but I'm trying to pass it.

I love that people always have a smile that in this life it's best to smile:)

I have really wanted to be in Poland and to meet you:)
Poland Love (L)

xoxo;) Loree.
PD: Sorry for the errors English is not my specialty ^ ^

Our Team - Poland part 27

Hola a todos!

My name is Weronika and I'm 16 in June. I've got one sister (Marta - she's 18) and two stepbrothers (Oskar's - 3, Janek's - 1). I'm an optimistic and a friendly person but I'm not patient enough when it comes to annoying people :P I love listening to all kind of music except for heavy metal. At school I like the most biology, chemistry and English. In future I'd love to learn French, Italian and Spanish because I think the sounds of those languages are simply beautiful :) My dream is to travel all around the world :) I like spending time with my friends and going shopping. My Spanish girl is Pilar and she's a lovely person :) We got to know each other a little on facebook :D I can't wait until you come to Poland, only over 20 days left! :D Besos! :*

Monday, February 28, 2011

Our team - Spain part 7

I am Pilar López , I have fifteen years.
What I like most are the fun people.
My partner Polish Is Wera ♥ (Hánz), and I am very happy with she :)
Te quiero mucho Weraa ;) jajajaja :D
A greeting to her.
I have also spoken to some Polish girls by facebook,
Other greeting for they :) .
I think we're going to spend all very well, all the trips we make are fantastic and everything will be perfect.
I can not wait to go to Polska .
a kiss for everyone!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Photo of the Polish group

Hello everyone! I add photo of the Polish group, who will come to Spain in may. I'll try to sign understandably all of people who are on it ;))

persons, who's standing:
from left:
Agnieszka Apolinarska, Karolina Rybak, Asia Cichońska, Zuza Lewandowska, Aleksandra Nawrocka, Maria Urbańska, Kasia Paluszkiewicz, Weronika Tykwic, Weronika Hańczewska, Zuzanna Nawrocka, Paulina Humerczyk, Ania Malinowska, Iza Borowicz, Julia Waliszak.
persons, who is sitting:
from left:
Dominika Orlińska, Karolina Nowak, Malwina Warguła, Viktoria Lewicka, (below) Daniel Grzyb, Iwona Pawełek, Maja Komorowska.

sorry for all mistakes!

kisses, Karolina :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Team - Spain part 6

Hello everybody! 
I'm Violeta Sacristán, and I'm 14. 
I like listen to music, meeting my friends and my boyfriend, I have very nice time when I stay with them (:
Also I like go shopping, and travel, my dream is to travel around all the world!
I don't like watch series on TV, but I love watch films, almost like Saw.. but too love films ;)
In school, my favourite subjects are Maths, Phisics and Informatics, in the future I want to be an architect! But I hate Biology and Geography!
I have a brother called Arturo, he's 11, and sometimes he's very annoying.. 
My Polish Friend is Karolina Nowak, she's very nice and friendly, and we have very things in common (:
I can't wait for meet you all!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Team - Poland part 26

Hi, I'm Malwina and in March, I'm done 16 years ! ;D
I've got two older brothers, one has got 20, second 21.

My Spanish is Carmen and I met her yesterday, but She's must nice,
i think. I can't wait her, I'm so glad than I can take part in this exchange.

Actually, I should write, what I like. So I like so much music and day without this there is. I listen diffrent musical genres.

I don't know, what I would do without my friends. My lovers from this exchange is Asia, Iwona and Viktoria. Beyond them i love Starbucks coffee.

I always want go to Spain (I so much like Sun). In future I want travel in all world, one of my dreams is to fly a balloon c:

Otherwise, I like cooking but I don't think than I'm the best in it.

By the way, I hope than will be best!
See you soon!

PS: I'm sorry for mistakes xD

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Team - Spain part 5

Hi, I'm Carmen Zuazu and im 14! :)
I like listening to music, singing, dancing, going out with my friend.. I like very much English music!
My favourite subjets are History and English.
My hobbies are photography and traveling!
I like very much going out with my camera and taking pictures of everithing :)
I have one sister she is 12.
I cant wait to go to Poland!
My Polish girl is Sonia and I think she is a very nice girl even if she doesnt like the same things that I do! :)
One kiss!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Learn Polish!

Hello, Spanish friends! What about Polish language? Let's start... ;)

and now.....

[v scsebzsesinye hsonscs bzsmi v tstyinye ]

Poland party 25


I'm Kasia and I'm 14. My hobby is anime&manga, psychology and guitar. I lisen rock,metal and punk. My favorite bands are Korpiklaani, Benzyna, Memhis Minnie. I like reading books and play games. My friends understand me as metal or punk but I think that I am me, and otherwise it can't be determined.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our team - Poland part 24

Hi everyone!
I'm Weronika and I'm 14.
I like photography, music , animal ,shooping, and play basketball , I love meeting with friends.I have good guinea pig Edward and dog Pipuś.
My Spenish friend is Sofia , She is nice and friendli!
Kisses Wera:)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Team - Spain part 4

Hi!! I'm Alicia Gruber and I'm 14.

I like meeting my friends, dancing, skiing, listen to music; specialy to Beyoncé, Rihanna, Leona Lewis, The Black Eyed Peas... ;) I also like watch TV (Lost, Gossip Girl, The Simpsons...)

In school I'm good at Geography, History and English. But I HATE MATHS!!!

Last summer I went to Ireland to learn English, and it was great!! I wish that this exchange will be as good as that one... Or Better! I want to go to Poland right now :D

My polish Friend is Paulina Adamska, I think that she is a very nice girl and I can't wait for meet her!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our team - Spain part 3


I´m Maria Guillén and I´m 15, I´m not a tall girl but I don´t mine. I´m a friendly girl and I like to meet now people.

I have many hobbies but the most important is swimming, I like dancing, singing, thing related with the music, my favorite singers are specially Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera…

I have one cat, I want to have a rabbit.

My favorite subjects are English, biology and physic and chemical.

My polish is Aleksandra Nawrocka, she is a nice person and I thing that will be a very good friends.

I what to go to Poland now!! J I´m very excited with the trip.

Kisses from Spain.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our team - Poland part 23

Hi everyone!

I'm Zuza and I'm 15. I write here about myself, but I don't like do it.
I have got old brother and sister.My hobby is windsurfing.I train 3 years.In te winter like snowboarding,but wds like much. In free time I like meet my friends, watch a films - especially horrors.I read books, of course not school :D I listen to music each type,but my favourite band is Black Eyed Peas. My favourite school subjects are English and Polish, because are simplest in my opinion. What else? I don't know who I want be in the future.

My Spanish girl is Lucia, I think she is nice and friendly. :)
I can't wait to meet everyone!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Our team - Poland part 22

I'm Agnieszka Apolinarska, and I'm 14.
I like photography, skiing, music (my favourites bands is: Nickelback, AC/DC, Aerosmith, 30 Seconds To Mars...), shooping, reading books (my faourites writers is Tess Gerritse, Harlan Coben and Dan Brown), laughing with friends and watching tv (I like: 'Dear John','Ps, I love you','saw','About a boy'...). I have dog Marley and rabbit Kitka.
My Spenish friend is Rocio, She's nice and She likes 'sing star' like me ;)

I hope see you soon!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our team -Spain part 2

Hi everyone!! =)

My name is Dayana (Daya) I have 16 years old
I'm very sincere person, because i don't like liar people. I'm honest and friendly and I love give affection to people. I'm very proud girl, i don't like egocentrics and selfish people. I'm a happy, extrovert and nice girl. I'm smiling and i love my friends. I don't like maths and chemistry, my favorite subjects are history and geography ^^

I love sports, especially football and my favorite team is Real Madrid i also like volleyball. I love fashion, photography and music and especially "the Black Eyed Peas", McFly, ECDL.. I love dancing and out with my friends to party or just be with them. I love Italian food and i don't like fish and some vegetables.. xD

My Polish is Viktoria is an amazing girl and we're going to be great friends (L)

kisses DaYaa =)

Our team - Poland part 21

Hi Everyone!
My name is Asia and I'm 15 years old.
I have got three brothers and lot of great friends.
I love Starbucks coffee, go to Poznań with my friend
cinema, reading a books , shopping, travelling.
I think I'm nice ,friendly and I love meet new friends.
In school I'm good in geography, english, art, but I'm not
very good in maths,biology.

My spanish is Lore and she is great ;)
I think we have got a great time together ;)))

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our team - Poland part 20

Hi everyone!
My name is Agata Budzynska. I'm an English and Floristry teacher.
What I like is flower arranging, gardening, sport, animals and biographies.
I'm a happy mother, maried to PE teacher. We have a little crazy dog called Puppy.
Can't wait to meet you all.

My clever students have written nice texts! Congratulations.
Don't worry about mistakes. I'm here to help you. Just ask.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our team - Poland part 19

Hello everyone!
I'm Maria Urbańska and I'm 14. I love singing and plaing the guitar (you see :) ). I like swimming and dancing, but I don't. I listen every kind of music but I love rock, pop and sometimes metal. ;) My favorite band is Evanescence.
I very like... no, I love reading a books (fantasy and youth novels) and I do it very, very often where and when I can. :) I have two brothers: older -Piotrek he's 22 years old, and younger - Kuba he's 7. We have rabbit and her name is Iśka.
I'm optimist. My friends tell me: 'You're patient, cheerful, sometimes a little crazy and you try to make others happy.' I don't know, maybe it's true. :)
My spanish friend is Sara and I think she's very very nice, and cool.
I can not wait for your arrival and meet you all.
Oh, and I'm sorry for my errors ( if are here). ;)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our team- Poland part 18

My name's Anna Eliza Malinowska and I looove music. My favourite band is System of a Down. I'm listening they aaaaall the time. I like creating new things. I like too everything which isn't popular. I hate sweet Disney's stars. So I hate Justin Bieber-sorry. My hobby is too football. Especially spanish La Liga. My favourite team for six years is Real Madrid. I am vegetarian because I hate animals and I loathe them. My passion is FASHION!!! No, I'm kidding. My passion is everything connected with art. I like drawing and painting. I love singing. I like strange and original people. I have three BFF. My favourite subject is History. Poland has an interesting History, I think. I'm learning in school german language, so I weakly speak english. Now I use google tranlate :D I have two sisters. They are younger than me. Kamila is 12 and Martyna-7. I was on exchange with Austria in Wien and in Czech Republic in Znojmo. My spanish is Miriam (L) and she is PERFECT, I really like her. I can't wait for Your visit in our country! jajajajajajaja

Click HERE is my currently favourite song.

Our team - Poland part 17

Hi there! I'm Dominika Orlińska and I'm 14 years old. I'll probably make loads of mistakes in my post, so I apologize in advance ;) In school I'm good at Geography, History and English, but I really can't cope with Math and Chemistry.
I love music - I'm playing the piano and listening to rock. My favourite band is Muse, but I also like Coldplay, Pink Floyd, U2, Queen, AC/DC, 30STM and SOAD.
I adore laughing, shopping, reading books (especially thrillers, these about conspiracy theories and vampires - not ''Twilight''!), watching comedies, meetings with friends and lots of similar things. I've younger sister - Milena, she's 2.
My Spanish friend is Matias - he's very nice and he doesn't like Justin Bieber! :D
Can't wait to meet y'all :)