Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our team - Poland part 23

Hi everyone!

I'm Zuza and I'm 15. I write here about myself, but I don't like do it.
I have got old brother and sister.My hobby is windsurfing.I train 3 years.In te winter like snowboarding,but wds like much. In free time I like meet my friends, watch a films - especially horrors.I read books, of course not school :D I listen to music each type,but my favourite band is Black Eyed Peas. My favourite school subjects are English and Polish, because are simplest in my opinion. What else? I don't know who I want be in the future.

My Spanish girl is Lucia, I think she is nice and friendly. :)
I can't wait to meet everyone!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Our team - Poland part 22

I'm Agnieszka Apolinarska, and I'm 14.
I like photography, skiing, music (my favourites bands is: Nickelback, AC/DC, Aerosmith, 30 Seconds To Mars...), shooping, reading books (my faourites writers is Tess Gerritse, Harlan Coben and Dan Brown), laughing with friends and watching tv (I like: 'Dear John','Ps, I love you','saw','About a boy'...). I have dog Marley and rabbit Kitka.
My Spenish friend is Rocio, She's nice and She likes 'sing star' like me ;)

I hope see you soon!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our team -Spain part 2

Hi everyone!! =)

My name is Dayana (Daya) I have 16 years old
I'm very sincere person, because i don't like liar people. I'm honest and friendly and I love give affection to people. I'm very proud girl, i don't like egocentrics and selfish people. I'm a happy, extrovert and nice girl. I'm smiling and i love my friends. I don't like maths and chemistry, my favorite subjects are history and geography ^^

I love sports, especially football and my favorite team is Real Madrid i also like volleyball. I love fashion, photography and music and especially "the Black Eyed Peas", McFly, ECDL.. I love dancing and out with my friends to party or just be with them. I love Italian food and i don't like fish and some vegetables.. xD

My Polish is Viktoria is an amazing girl and we're going to be great friends (L)

kisses DaYaa =)

Our team - Poland part 21

Hi Everyone!
My name is Asia and I'm 15 years old.
I have got three brothers and lot of great friends.
I love Starbucks coffee, go to Poznań with my friend
cinema, reading a books , shopping, travelling.
I think I'm nice ,friendly and I love meet new friends.
In school I'm good in geography, english, art, but I'm not
very good in maths,biology.

My spanish is Lore and she is great ;)
I think we have got a great time together ;)))

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our team - Poland part 20

Hi everyone!
My name is Agata Budzynska. I'm an English and Floristry teacher.
What I like is flower arranging, gardening, sport, animals and biographies.
I'm a happy mother, maried to PE teacher. We have a little crazy dog called Puppy.
Can't wait to meet you all.

My clever students have written nice texts! Congratulations.
Don't worry about mistakes. I'm here to help you. Just ask.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our team - Poland part 19

Hello everyone!
I'm Maria Urbańska and I'm 14. I love singing and plaing the guitar (you see :) ). I like swimming and dancing, but I don't. I listen every kind of music but I love rock, pop and sometimes metal. ;) My favorite band is Evanescence.
I very like... no, I love reading a books (fantasy and youth novels) and I do it very, very often where and when I can. :) I have two brothers: older -Piotrek he's 22 years old, and younger - Kuba he's 7. We have rabbit and her name is Iśka.
I'm optimist. My friends tell me: 'You're patient, cheerful, sometimes a little crazy and you try to make others happy.' I don't know, maybe it's true. :)
My spanish friend is Sara and I think she's very very nice, and cool.
I can not wait for your arrival and meet you all.
Oh, and I'm sorry for my errors ( if are here). ;)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our team- Poland part 18

My name's Anna Eliza Malinowska and I looove music. My favourite band is System of a Down. I'm listening they aaaaall the time. I like creating new things. I like too everything which isn't popular. I hate sweet Disney's stars. So I hate Justin Bieber-sorry. My hobby is too football. Especially spanish La Liga. My favourite team for six years is Real Madrid. I am vegetarian because I hate animals and I loathe them. My passion is FASHION!!! No, I'm kidding. My passion is everything connected with art. I like drawing and painting. I love singing. I like strange and original people. I have three BFF. My favourite subject is History. Poland has an interesting History, I think. I'm learning in school german language, so I weakly speak english. Now I use google tranlate :D I have two sisters. They are younger than me. Kamila is 12 and Martyna-7. I was on exchange with Austria in Wien and in Czech Republic in Znojmo. My spanish is Miriam (L) and she is PERFECT, I really like her. I can't wait for Your visit in our country! jajajajajajaja

Click HERE is my currently favourite song.

Our team - Poland part 17

Hi there! I'm Dominika Orlińska and I'm 14 years old. I'll probably make loads of mistakes in my post, so I apologize in advance ;) In school I'm good at Geography, History and English, but I really can't cope with Math and Chemistry.
I love music - I'm playing the piano and listening to rock. My favourite band is Muse, but I also like Coldplay, Pink Floyd, U2, Queen, AC/DC, 30STM and SOAD.
I adore laughing, shopping, reading books (especially thrillers, these about conspiracy theories and vampires - not ''Twilight''!), watching comedies, meetings with friends and lots of similar things. I've younger sister - Milena, she's 2.
My Spanish friend is Matias - he's very nice and he doesn't like Justin Bieber! :D
Can't wait to meet y'all :)